@CllrTonyPage @readinglabour Cancel plans to switch off the traffic lights at the Broad St/West St junction

Click here for Petition to reinstate the traffic lights at Broad Street/West Street Junction.

Elderly and disabled people in particular would be put in danger. Generally, the loss of these lights would mean that pedestrians have to estimate whether or not they have time to cross the road before oncoming traffic reaches them. This is nerve wracking when you know that drivers may not allow for you to be slower than most.

In particular, blind people depend on the beeps that sound when the traffic lights are on green for pedestrians. Without those they are lost and have to depend on strangers who may know nothing about guiding them – nor care – to take them across. That at the same time as RBC is planning to cut spending on disabled adults supposedly in the interests of improving their independence!

Click here for Petition to reinstate the traffic lights at Broad Street/West Street Junction.

We are believe there has already been a fatality at Jacksons corner with a similar idea, but we haven’t seen any solid evidence of this, only in an article about the noise about the Broad Street turn off in this article from Get Reading, so until we get any kind of confirmation of it we will put it down to hearsay for the time being (I.e. an article from the reading post)

Tony Page has also given other controversial decisions such as in Shinfield Road http://www.getreading.co.uk/news/local-news/shinfield-roads-lights-safe-here-6248017 and agreeing to the building of flats next to one (and few) of the towns independent music venues (which we covered a in a previous post)

We would say find out all the facts for yourself. We are posting this as its a controversial decision, and the council need all the facts at their finger tips as regards to what people feel about the decision. If your unhappy with it we urge you to sign the petition, if on the other hand you feel it has benefited the town, let Tony Page aware. His direct email is tony.page@reading.gov.uk

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