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Acid909: Readings premier Acid Techno Event

Here at Acid909 we like to have the best in Techno, EVERY month.  So far in our Acid Techno events we have had some fantastic lineups:

1)  April 2013: Spliffy B(Acid909, Liquid Filth), Leon Immense (909 London) & Judda (Dirty Rotten Therapy).

2) August 2013: for the first time who put on bangin set.  He was supported by the fantastic Miro, Spliffy B & Jacky D.

3) September 2013: Rachel Rackitt, Spliffy B, Judda, & Jacky D

4) November 2013: Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Birinight, Spliffy B, Judda

5) February 2013: Birinight, Spliffy B, Judda

6) March 2013: Trooper, Spliffy B, Judda & Ray Von.

What have we got in store in the future?

We are joining up with Resonant Frequencies & Yes Yes y’all for one big birthday bash for Spliffy B & Ridgedogg! Here is the events page!

Due to the Facebar having a prior booking we won’t be there May, but of course our Acid Techno event will be back on 5th July with a VERY special guest (T.B.A.) and of course Spliffy B!


Watch out for future announcements of future events.  We intend to keep the names and the techno rolling in 😉

Acid Techno Event in Reading

We would like to thank all the DJs who played at the last Acid909.  Trooper was playing some unreleased new tracks that had never been aired before.  Watch out for previews in the near future for this.

Judda played 2 killer sets that every Acid techno & Schranz purist would absolutely love.  Ray Von also played a banging set.

Spliffy B dropped an eclectic Acid Techno set of both US & London acid.  As always pulling out some obscure gems.

Acid909 would also like to thank the Venue for the event.  The bar staff as always were fantastic, The manageress also was fantastic, happy birthday to her too!  As always the door staff did a fantastic job

Most of all we want to thank the acid ravers, without you this event would not be possible.  As always a fantastic vibe 🙂

The next event will be in the Red room on April 5th, yes we are upsizing for this event! We will be linking up with Resonant Frequencies for an eclectic mix of music:  House, Drum n Bass, Progressive, Trance, Goa and as always TECHNO!!!!

Watch this space for announcements 😉

Acid909 Event in Reading 1st March

March Acid909

March Acid909

Facebook Events page

Event in Reading on 1st March

Drinks deals:
Carlsberg bottles 1.50
K2’s alco pops 1.50,
Single spirits with mixers £2 DBLs £3.50
Jager bombs £2.50
shots £2
Cocktails £3.50

£5 Entry! 10pm- 4am

Acid Techno with Trooper & DJ Spliffy B, David Judda Oliver, Ray Von

★Trooper’s journey with dance music began in 1991 when he was just 16 years of age and was taken out by some older mates to legendary raves such as Elevation, Dance 91, Raindance, Fantazia, Yikes and Interdance, as well as Spiral Tribal and Bedlam sound system parties on the underground free party scene.

During this period, his passion for the music was fiercely ignited and he was introduced to mixing vinyl on the 1210’s by his mate DJ SDR, owner of Shoebox Records. From this point, there was no turning back.

A few years later in 1994, Trooper started getting involved with the local music scene and began working at Ruffhouse Records in Slough, who also ran the Menace sound system. Inspired by these times and meeting new people on route, Trooper started spinning tunes.

Always up for a party, he was given the title nickname ‘Trooper’ as he was always the last man standing and shortly established his turntable skills as ‘DJ Trooper’ on the underground party circuit, playing Jungle and Drum & Bass at various parties in and around London and the South East.

He also used to take a trip up to Music House in Holloway Road, London, and hang out with the top Drum & Bass DJ’s, who went there regularly to cut their latest tracks onto dub plate fresh for the weekend raves. Around this time, he also got involved distributing the ‘Ravescene’ magazine and writing party reviews for raves such as Telepathy, AWOL, Roast, Innersense and Jungle Fever.

Next step in 1996, Trooper and fellow music comrade, DJ SDR, started the record label ‘Freestyle Flava’, experimenting with different styles and beats in the studiounder the guise ‘Point 2’. They produced some great rockers including ‘Wait 1 Minute’, which was featured on Tony de Vit’s ‘Live in Tokyo’ album. In the studio, they also wrote Trip Hop and Broken Beats inspired by Ninja Tune club nights at the legendary Blue Note in Hoxton, London.

After taking a few years out at the end of the 90’s, Trooper returned to the dance floor in the new millennium and got involved with the Hard House scene. The hard beats and vibes reignited the fire in his rave heart, but something was definitely missing until he discovered the underground London squat party Techno scene and from that point it was full steam ahead.

Over the past 10 years, Trooper has gone from raver on the dance floor to playing on many sound systems including Freebase, E1S, Malfaiteurs, Manik, Storm, Hackney Sounds and plays regularly on the Stinky Pink, Hub and Krysis rigs as resident DJ storming the dance floor with his own take on Acid Techno, also enjoying pushing the speakers to the limits on various rigs at Frenchtek dropping the beats that captured his heart all those years ago. But with Trooper’s personal history of dance music and broad musical knowledge, you can also hear him playing a broad spectrum of sounds such as Old Skool 91/92 Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Progressive House, Acid House, Breakbeat and Electro.

Over the last few years, Trooper has been working hard on the London party circuit, playing at club nights such as Smash Techno, Stay Up Forever 100, Stay Up Forever after parties, Philanthropy, Braingravy, Lucid, Soitiz alongside DJ artists such Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator, DDR, Geezer, Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Rachel Rackitt, Sterling Moss, Birinight, DJ Ant, Jerome Hill, Thermobee, Tassid, A.P, OB1, Austin Corrosive and many more.

And on to top all of this, Trooper has recently returned to the studio, writing tracks with DDR – their track ‘My Face is Melting’ was released on the legendary ‘Hazchem’ label. Since then, he has been back in the studio with Steve Mills and ‘Geezer’ Guy Mcaffer producing tracks for future projects. So keep your ear to the dance floor and listen out for Trooper’s unique energy and sounds.

So there you have it, Trooper is an electric force to be reckoned with, and with his broad musical knowledge to keep you entertained, this music soldier is here to stay. And you know it’s party time when Trooper’s in the house, so you have been warned!

★DJ Spliffy B started DJing at squat parties in 2000 around Dorset and Hampshire, such as Hursley Fields. He then started playing in clubs in 2002. Between 2002 and 2008 Spliffy was playing in various places mainly in squat parties around UK. In that time he did play a few sets in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

*The Wall, Weelde
*Harry Klein, Munich
*Peppermill, Heerleen

In 2004 Spliffy B amongst other events he was promoting he promoted DNA with DJ Slimz. DNA was a hard house and drum n bass event based in the Firestation in Dorchester, Dorset.

Between 2008 and 2011 due to personal reasons he only played a few sets, one of which was on Weymouth Beach.

In 2011 he played a set in Netherlands. Since then Spliffy B has started promoting and DJing again. Spliffy B is currently a resident of Acid909, Yes yes y’all (Hip Hop Event), Liquid Filth (Liquid – filthy Drum n bass and borders on Breakcore) & Urban Chill (Live acoustic event with a blues\jazz\folk influence). He has also been ‘Special guest’ at the highly regarded Smash Techno (November 2013), Club 414, Brixton.

He promoted and played at Liquid Filth at Bar Iguana, Reading with Slimz, DJ Fiber and MiNoR cOnFuSiOn. Spliffy B has supported several International DJs, most recently Rachel Rackitt, Steve Mills, Gizelle Rebel Yelle, and highly regarded DJs on the London underground seen like Birinight, Miro to name a few.

Spliffy B also was actively playing at the open Decks night at Bar Iguana where they had such names as Seriel Killaz & Dutty Moonshine

Spliffy B has played many clubs around Reading and these include Bar Iguana, Facebar and Brasserie La Passerelle\Bridges

Watch out for Spliffy B’s new podcasts, first one being http://www.mixcloud.com/agarrett5/podcast-1-acid-techno/

Spliffy B Plays many genres including Acid Techno, Gabber, Filthy drum n bass\Breakcore, Breaks, Rave, Psytrance\goa, Hardstyle

Spliffy has also played in various venues around Reading such as Bar Iguana, Facebar, Bridges/Brasserie la Passerille

To book Spliffy B contact Andy on info@acid909.co.uk


★Acid Techno DJ JUDDA Started dj’ing 1998 at Free parties, Squat parties, house parties all over the South of England.
Guest appearances on Rigs:


enjoyed MULTI-RIG parties:


and clubs:

*414 Brixton, London,
*FL AVELA-Plymouth,
*ATMOSHERE’S 2nd birthday at The Grove,Seaton-Devon,and dj’d EXOTIC hosted by Meri Chunes, Weymouth,
*Facebar (with Acid909), Reading

JUDDA jointly runs DIRTY ROTTEN THERAPY with DJ LEON IMMENSE! D.R.T host nights (mainly in Dorset) of Filthy, Banging Techno! Guest HEADLINE DJ’s for our nights have included:

*CHRIS LIBERATOR(four appearances to date),
*RACHEL RACKITT(three appearances to date),
*MR BURNS(skankadelic),
*JIM BONG(Country club residents).

Our nights have outnumbered,through attendance PENDULUM who played the same club the week before DRT and we had a “lock in” at The Old George, Dorchester with 155 Ravers ‘avin it till 5 am witnessing a 4hour set by Chris Liberator!
Judda has dj’d The Official After Parties for STAY UP FOREVER:

*No sleep till Brixton 3,
*No Sleep Till Brixton 4,
*the Acid Techno Wedding Thrashers Ball, at the 414 Brixton (His Favorite club!)
*Los Desperados at 414, Brixton

Judda is a guest dj for Londons HARD DANCE PRODUCTIONS(Run by MIRO) who have brilliant dj’s n engineers and an awesome sounding Rig!
Judda is also the lead vocalist in Anarchist Punk band VIRUS (cd/Lp Unacceptable Noise Levels on Active Distribution label No 16-VIRULENCE-Active No 27,and 7″vinyl single released on ALL THE MADMEN (MAD24)

Birinight joins Reading Event Lineup

Birinight joins The Reading event Acid909’s lineup.  Acid909, Readings premier acid techno event now can confirm that we will have DJ Birinight.  DJ Birinight will be joining Gizelle (Stay Up Forever), Spliffy B (Acid909, Liquid Filth, Yes yes y’all), Judda (Dirty Rotten Therapy) and Leon Immense (909London & Dirty Rotten Therapy)

About DJ Birinight

BIRI AKA DJBIRINIGHT is a natural born musician from Portugal with a gift for making noise, and being social! After a lifetime playing various instruments, he discovered electronic music in May 1996, and raved most of the weekends away in Portugal, as well as making outdoor parties(in the process he meet Spiral Tribe in Portugal(COSTA CAPARICA).

He then after few months decided to go to London, and slowly got involved in the UK dance scene as continuation from hes music life. Its now 15 years that he has toiled behind the decks as a DJ, and has recently started to have fun, producing a few tracks. www.uforecordings.co.uk

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