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Acid909: Readings premier Acid Techno Event

Here at Acid909 we like to have the best in Techno, EVERY month.  So far in our Acid Techno events we have had some fantastic lineups:

1)  April 2013: Spliffy B(Acid909, Liquid Filth), Leon Immense (909 London) & Judda (Dirty Rotten Therapy).

2) August 2013: for the first time who put on bangin set.  He was supported by the fantastic Miro, Spliffy B & Jacky D.

3) September 2013: Rachel Rackitt, Spliffy B, Judda, & Jacky D

4) November 2013: Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Birinight, Spliffy B, Judda

5) February 2013: Birinight, Spliffy B, Judda

6) March 2013: Trooper, Spliffy B, Judda & Ray Von.

What have we got in store in the future?

We are joining up with Resonant Frequencies & Yes Yes y’all for one big birthday bash for Spliffy B & Ridgedogg! Here is the events page!

Due to the Facebar having a prior booking we won’t be there May, but of course our Acid Techno event will be back on 5th July with a VERY special guest (T.B.A.) and of course Spliffy B!


Watch out for future announcements of future events.  We intend to keep the names and the techno rolling in 😉

Birinight joins Reading Event Lineup

Birinight joins The Reading event Acid909’s lineup.  Acid909, Readings premier acid techno event now can confirm that we will have DJ Birinight.  DJ Birinight will be joining Gizelle (Stay Up Forever), Spliffy B (Acid909, Liquid Filth, Yes yes y’all), Judda (Dirty Rotten Therapy) and Leon Immense (909London & Dirty Rotten Therapy)

About DJ Birinight

BIRI AKA DJBIRINIGHT is a natural born musician from Portugal with a gift for making noise, and being social! After a lifetime playing various instruments, he discovered electronic music in May 1996, and raved most of the weekends away in Portugal, as well as making outdoor parties(in the process he meet Spiral Tribe in Portugal(COSTA CAPARICA).

He then after few months decided to go to London, and slowly got involved in the UK dance scene as continuation from hes music life. Its now 15 years that he has toiled behind the decks as a DJ, and has recently started to have fun, producing a few tracks. www.uforecordings.co.uk

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