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@CllrTonyPage Campaign to stop development next to Facebar, Reading

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A very well run venue that is highly proactive on stopping disruption is subject to new block of flats being built next door. There is concern they will make noise complaints even though the developers are well aware its next to a nightclub.

The nightclub employs several staff giving well needed work. The club has been very proactive in cutting noise. There is now better sound proofing, and the door staff do regular checks around the building to check you cant hear it out side noticably.

The club is now scanning ALL ID including of the promotors & DJs as a way of helping counteract any security issues\trouble.

The club is also one of the safest venues in town. It is also one of the few independant music venues that is highly regarded locally.

For more information on the planned development check out this article


Spliffy B Podcast: Noom Special

Here is a podcast from Acid Techno DJ Spliffy B.  In his 3rd Podcast he has pulled out the most acidic Noom tracks he could find in his collection.

If the embedded content doesn’t load click <A HREF=”http://www.mixcloud.com/agarrett5/spliffy-b-podcast-3-noom-special/”> here to get to mixcloud for the content</A>


Spliffy B Podcast 3: Noom Special by Dj Spliffy B on Mixcloud